Mar 29, 2017

How stupid are you?

Way back in the days when I was using Mosaic and I surfed the web with it looking at text pages and checking out Usenet Groups on the side I belonged to something called CPSR.

CPSR which is still in existence stands for Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. The group was ahead of its time in the sense that they could see how an interconnected world could readily lead to abuses and privacy concerns. Now 25 years later their mission seems more important than ever before.

Social media has changed things... not for the better because it has encouraged people to overshare. This blog is a form of oversharing but I do take steps to shield certain things and am careful about my digital footprint which I guard zealously.

Maybe in a few years when I get to the point where I am ready to retire I will arrive at that moment where I no longer care about the opinions of the rest of the world but for now in an era where employers look at a digital footprint for prospective job candidates you really need to be careful.

Anway, I was reading this article and I couldn’t help but think how many stupid people there are in this world who look upon gadgets as harmless things and items which will afford them some status but interesting enough in the process they are making some truly deep sacrifices for the sake of appearances.

This article talks about those ‘great’ digital assistants you can purchase for your home but before you do you might want to read it because getting up to turn out your lights might be the better option:

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